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The authority once based on human intuition and reflection is gradually being given to algorithms. The gravity of decisions made by automated algorithmic systems is increasing.

As we see examples daily, algorithms gone awry cause serious consequences for business and humans. For some areas, errors can be particularly dire:

  • Cyber-Security & Privacy
  • Threat Analysis
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Autonomous Decision-Making with Social Impact | Public Sector

Algorithm design and auditing even in the hands of wicked smart coders, with little to no experience in 1. Designing a bias-free system 2. Auditing to check for gaps, does more harm than good.

We need humans in the loop to ensure algorithms are as bias-free as possible. And those humans must have deep experience in auditing software systems via ML tooling and guided by humans deeply experienced in the process.


The founder of Code4Thought, Yiannis Kanellopoulos has spent the better part of two decades analyzing and evaluating software systems in order to help organizations address any potential risks and flaws related to them. According to his experience these risks or flaws are always due to human involvement.

With Code4Thought, Yiannis is turning his deep auditing expertise into a Technology-Guided-By-Humans solution to ensure algorithmic technology is Explainable, Accountable, Transparent.

Yiannis holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Manchester and he is also a founding member of Orange Grove, a business incubator aided by the Dutch Embassy in Greece to promote entrepreneurship and counter youth unemployment.


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